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Whitethorn are happy to perform at many types of event such as festivals, fetes, WIs and pubs.

To book us, please email Janice at secretary@whitethornmorris.com or phone 07787 794 889.


We practice every thursday night in Harrow, north west London. If you are interested in joining us to dance or play, please email Jen at foreman@whitethornmorris.com


If you wish to send pictures or talk about the website, please email Jen at jen@whitethornmorris.com


Side contacts:

Joint Captains Janet Jones and Ellie Nutkins captain@whitethornmorris.com

Bandleader Judith McKerracher music@whitethornmorris.com

Treasurer Geoff Simmonds treasurer@whitethornmorris.com


You can also like us on Facebook here or follow us on Twitter! @WhitethornM