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Whitethorn Dance!!




Repertoire 2015/2016


Wicked Lady

Colne Royal

Poulton le Fylde

Whitethorn Polka

Horbury Rushcart Dance



Lostock Junction

Little Rock

Scarlet and Blue

Lancashire Processional

New Mills

Moulin Rouge





Whitethorn's kit is a distinctive blue dress, coupled with a red apron and 'mill-girl' style cap. The beautiful lace collars on the dresses are hand made by one of the dancers, Christine. We wear black bar clogs, hankies and beads, and bells on our wrists and feet.

Band kit for the men consists of corduroy trousers, a waistcoat, striped shirt and flat cap. All our kit is meant to represent the style of dress appropriate to the period when most of our dances were collected.